Google Analytics is a great way to track your website visitors. We'll show you how to set up your google analytics account and how to add your tracking ID to your website to begin tracking your visitors.

Setting up a Google Analytics Account

Go to Google Analytics and login to the Google Account you wish to use (or create a brand new account if you'd like).

If you've never used Google Analytics before, you may see a welcome screen. Go ahead and click on the "Start Measuring" button.

Enter an account name. This can be anything you'd like, but putting your church name in here is a great idea.

Select Web when asked "What would you like to measure?"

Fill out the property details as suggested in the image below. Be sure to use https:// and set your time zone to your local time.

Read and agree to the terms of service.

Set your email communication preferences as you'd like.

Next, you should be given instructions for adding the tracking code to your website. We've simplified the whole process for you, though. All you need is the Tracking ID. Copy that tracking ID to your clipboard and follow the next set of instructions to add it to your site.

Adding your Google Analytics Tracking ID to your website.

Once you have your Tracking ID, you need to add it to your website.

Log in to your admin dashboard.

Navigate to Tools > Google Analytics.

Enable the tracking code.

Paste in your Tracking ID.

Select which users you don't want to track. (We suggest you disable tracking for Administrators.)

Save your changes.

Once the changes are saved and the page reloads, click on the Purge Cache button to make sure the front-end of the site is updated with the tracking code.

Go back to Google Analytics and test out the changes. There will be a slight delay, but you should see activity in the Real Time area of Google Analytics. If you need to simulate activity, open an incognito or private browser window and visit the website. (This will make it like a normal, logged out visitor is on the site. Remember, you may have disabled tracking administrators.)

If you have any trouble, we love to help. Just reach out to us via chat!
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