Facebook Live is a great way to quickly get up and running with livestreaming events. With reactions and comments in facebook, it provides strong interaction right out of the box. But what about those people who don't have a facebook account? We created Digital Church Live so that you could host online church right on your own domain. But sometimes facebook restrictions get in the way and don't allow your video to be properly embedded. That's when you see this kind of message:

Facebook Live Error Message

Here's what we suggest as far as troubleshooting:

Troubleshooting your livestream with Facebook's own embed tool:

Navigate to the Facebook Developer Documentation on Embedding Videos

Paste your video link into the Embedded Video Player Configurator field labeled "URL of video".

URL of video field

Tap on the "Get Code" button and let the preview window refresh.

If you see your video, then there might be another issue on the website itself that is preventing your embed. Reach out to us via chat and we'll track it down for you.

If the facebook embed doesn't show up in the preview, then the issue is most likely in the settings of your facebook page. Here are a few settings to check:

Disabling Facebook Page Restrictions

Log in to your facebook admin account and visit your page.

Visit the Page Settings.

Make sure that country and age restrictions are entirely disabled. You should see "Page is visible to everyone." under Country Restrictions and "Page is shown to everyone." under Age Restrictions.

If you have any restrictions set on your facebook page, you won't be able to embed your live stream anywhere outside of facebook.
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